Got Your First Mobile App Developed? 3 Crucial Things You Will Do Wrong

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Like many other bloggers, let’s start this piece of content with some statistics too. However, with some actually insightful ones. To check out the solidity of the fact that the mobile app revolution is just jumping off, we can have a glance over the total app downloads in Google Play Store.

As of May 2016, the total Play Store downloads had touched the point of 65 billion, nine times more than the total human population on the earth. Moreover, over 1000 applications are uploaded each day to the store, thanks to the tireless efforts of world’s leading mobile application development companies in USA.

So far, Android possesses the biggest showcase of around 3 million apps for its users to choose from followed by the iOS store with 2.2 billion apps. Microsoft’s store stands third with 600 guards. Ok, enough with the statistics. You probably know now that all the money you spent bringing your dream app up and running wasn’t a waste.

However, despite all the cool features and great interface of your mobile app, many online businesses fall as they start to climb the second milestone i.e. to upload their app up in an app store. That’s probably why the percentage of apps with millions of downloads is shockingly low.

If you too are a new player in this game, the chances are, you will probably make the same mistakes as others. If you don’t want to spoil the hours you have spent in thinking of a cool idea and the precious buck went into the development phase. This guide will help you avoid those common mistakes:


1. Avoiding the User Reviews

It matters to your users whether you value their opinions or not. Thanks to the user review feature of Google Play Store, you get the ultimate testing tool with that. If your users write anything whether positive or negative about your app, then by all means, take that seriously and take action right away.

Moreover, reply to each and every comment with a ‘thank’ or ‘we will take care of this issue soon’.


2. Adopting the Right ASO Strategy

Words are powerful. And when it comes to giving your app a name, you need to make it pertinent, descriptive, and catchy and go with an immaculate ASO strategy. A perfect ASO strategy starts with selecting a descriptive title, then finalizing appropriate keywords for your app and using all the keywords in your app’s description.


3. Good Visuals

This especially applies to gaming apps as they are all about the visuals. Even if you master this very aspect of your app, and spend a handsome budget on paid marketing, you will automatically hit thousands of downloads.

If those users really like the concept of your mobile app, they will spread the good word about it to their colleagues, friends, and family. On the other hand, they will positively rate and review your app, which will impact the rankings of it in play store. A good omen for your mobile app development service in USA right?

If your concept is great, and the internal alignment of your app’s coding elements is perfect then, the bridge between the current stage and the success of your app is a perfect marketing strategy. And that also includes understanding your audience, making a connection with them, figuring out and employing the perfect marketing strategy to keep the engagement up.


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