3 Must-Read Reasons You Need to Have a SEO Strategy for Your Online Business

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The Internet has become the mainstream avenue for people to find information, services, or products. Be it from computers, smartphones, or wearable devices, a countless number of people use and rely upon Google to search for things.

Over the years, people’s trust on search engines has been escalated so much that they usually don’t jump to the second search for anything they look for – say top Drupal website development companies in USA. The top three results in Google search engine result pages cover as much as 90% of the total traffic, just leaving the rest 10% for other ones.

If there is one thing to conclude, it’s to secure one of the top three places in Google SERP if you really want people to trust you, reach you, and buy from you. Planning and executing a potent SEO strategy is the first step to do it. Not convinced just yet? Check these statistics out to find out how crucial SEO is for today’s online businesses.

1. Yearly Searches on Google: 2 Trillion

Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? In 2016, over 2 trillion searches were conducted. That means every person on the planet searched on an average of 286 queries on Google. The company is now handling over 63,000 searches per second.

If people are preferring Google to search for information, chances are, they will do the same with you as well. You just need to show up there when someone searches for you.

2. Google Covers 80% of Total Search Conducted

According to another statistic, Google leads the search engine terrain by acquiring four-fifth of the total searches conducted online. That means, over 80% of people prefer Google over other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, or MSN.

That simply suggest where your focus should lie. I am not suggesting that you should completely forget Bing or Yahoo. However, 90% of your SEO efforts should be solely dedicated to the Google if you actually want a step to advancement.


3. Smartphone Users: 95% Prefer Google

When it comes to browsing from the Internet, over 95% users prefer good, giving you another reason to direct your SEO campaigns to Google.

Moreover, with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, it has become highly crucial to optimize your website’s pages for mobile. It adds in SEO.

Running an online business without adapting to right SEO and digital marketing techniques are like having a car without any fuel. A Drupal web development company in USA can significantly help you bring your business in front of your target audience through ranking up in the search engine result pages.


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